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{C}§  {C}LET'S SCARE CANCER TO DEATH Anthology (Horror) with short stories by Rhonda Hopkins & Gregory Carrico

{C}§  {C}EVIDENCE OF TRUST (Romantic Suspense) by Stacey Joy Netzel

{C}§  {C}DEADLY OBSESSION (Romantic Suspense) by Kristine Cayne

{C}§  {C}ETERNITY OF ROSES (Paranormal Romance) by Natalie G. Owens

{C}§  {C}BIRDS DO IT! (Contemporary Romance) by *lizzie starr

{C}§  {C}AIR: MERLIN'S CHALICE (Fantasy) by Meredith Bond

{C}§  {C}ANGEL OF DEATH (Fantasy) by Anna Erishkigal

{C}§  {C}WANING MOON (YA Dystopian) by P.J. Sharon

{C}§  {C}TRUST NO ONE (Suspense) by Diana Layne

{C}§  {C}ALWAYS REMEMBER (Contemporary Romance) by Sheila Seabrook

{C}§  {C}STARS, LOVE AND PIROUETTES  (Contemporary Romance) by Alicia & Roy Street

{C}§  {C}REVENGE (Romantic Suspense) by Dana Delamar 

{C}§  {C}SOME ENCHANTED WALTZ (Time Travel Romance) by Lily Silver

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Let's Do It Again -- 2014 Book Goals!

This one by the Staple Singers is a classic! I need to start working my 'fro.

2013 proved to be a hell of a year!  It was my first year as a full time writer.  I also made the USA Today Bestseller list, released a whole slew of bundles and finished one of my favorite series.

Wow, what a year!  I’m so happy.  I worked my booty off and it paid.  And as you guys know, I don’t make resolutions, I make goals. So how about I do it all again?

I know, I know, I told you guys to warn me against overdoing it again, but I can’t help myself.  I’ve got a million stories dying to get out. And I promise this year I won’t go overboard….much.

So drum roll please.  The goal for 2014 is….


Yes, yes, I’m nuts.  Totally certifiable.  And yes, hubby will kill me when he sees this.  Seriously, he might actually kill me or he’ll wait for the work to do it for him.

Okay, here’s the break down of how I plan to do this madness..  I have to put the words where my mouth is right?  Maybe that’s not the exact phrase, but you get the idea.


Sugar and Sin – At least two S&S bundles. We’re starting the year off with a bang! We’ve added another fab writer to the crew, and we’ve got another bundle for you!  Official release date is 1/15, but you can pick it up on preorder. 

The Protectors are back!  Or they will be.  I’m in the midst of writing Wounded Protector right now!  Can’t wait to bring you Jansen’s story.

And for all you Romantic Comedy lovers, I’ve got a brand new series for you, The Donovans!  Delilah Donovan is getting her story right now.  I can’t wait for you to meet this crazy family. AND I’ll be doing my first Rom Com collabo.  I can’t wait.

The first book in the Donovans series will be Come Home Again


I know some of you were very sad to see the end of the Stilettos Series and I’m happy to tell you that Micha’s story was not the last time you’ll be seeing our terrific Trio.  I’ll have a little short for you before the end of the year.

And Q. Malone lovers, worry not, I’ve got some new books for you too, starting with the release of The Flirtation this January.  It’s been a while, but the gang is back and ready for some sexy stories.

And I’m thrilled to report to you that I’ve written a book in a completely new genre.  That’s right.  London Bound is finally finished!  Woot.  So happy.  Now you will have to wait a little while for this one because I’ve submitted it to a publisher, but it will be out this year no matter what.

It’s going to be a crazy ride.  And I can hardly wait.

So what do you think?  Have I lost my mind?

Inspiration and Promises

Hi gang, please help me give a warm sassy welcome to fellow multiculti writer, and friend, Michelle Alerte!  She's got a new release available and just dying to tell you all about it!  And best part is, she's doing a giveaway!

I have always been an avid reader and can remember writing plays and short stories with my brother during the week, after getting home from school (we weren’t allowed to watch T.V. on school days, a real torture to us back then believe me). Although I grew up with a passion for stories, characters, and what came of letting my imagination run wild, it wasn’t until finishing college that it occurred to me that I could follow my passion into a career.

A Promise Worth Making is my first foray into the romance genre. Being a Haitian-American I knew I wanted to create a heroine who had a similar background. Making her a doctor was another easy decision as I am surrounded by a family of doctors; from there however I gave my imagination free reign. In my mind’s eye the heroine, Rachel Joseph, appeared to me as someone practical (being a doctor and all) and I began to wonder how that pragmatism would show itself in her love life. She seemed like a person who likes cold hard facts and has never been “swept” anywhere, let alone off her feet. Mix in Rachel’s difficult childhood and you have someone for whom falling in love would be neither simple nor straightforward.

Naturally I began to ask myself what kind of man would be the perfect counterpoint to Rachel. As someone who doesn’t believe in love and family she needed the balance of a helpless romantic. Enter Nicolas Marchand, a man who’d grown up surrounded by the love Rachel had lacked. For Nicolas falling in love was as easy as believing in the Marchand gift: Of knowing when you know, that you know. One look at Rachel and Nicolas was sure he’d met his match. All his life Nicolas’ brothers had teased him for being the helpless romantic of the family, so when he sees Rachel on the plane to Haiti, Nicolas doesn’t bother putting up a fight.

I really enjoyed creating Rachel and Nicolas’ story. I loved making it the man who settled into love and family without the usual commitment phobia we see nowadays. And it was even more fun making it the woman who had to be wrestled to the ground and chained to her white picket fence. It wasn’t long before I accepted that I’d have to create Nicolas’ brothers, Jacque and Edward’s, story as well. If Nicolas is the hopeless romantic of the Marchand family, then what does that make Jacque and Edward?

Ah the joys of storytelling…


Nicolas’ father had always told him the Marchand men were “gifted with knowing, when they know, that they know” when they meet the woman with whom they’ll fall in love. Though this had been true for his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, Nicolas had never truly believed this would happen to him—until Rachelle Joseph, that is.

The hard part now is convincing the lucky lady the two of them belong together in spite of Rachelle’s trust issues and fear of depending on another person. Will Rachelle overcome her determination to keep control of her life by shutting Nicolas out, or will he persuade her that loving and trusting another person is better than living only on the surface of life?


My eBook A Promise Worth Making (rated 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon) is available now! Want to check it out with all the reward and NONE of the risk? Enter my giveaway and win a free signed copy along with 2 free bookmarks of the cover!! The winner will be chosen on Friday, November 15th. Enter now and Good Luck!!


Stitch Fix....First Fix

Yay! So my first fix came in.  Woot Woot.  Okay, so I was so excited about this.  I got my pretty box in the mail today.  And all in all I was pretty please.  But it was sort of a mixed bag. 


The first thing I tried on the pair of plum skinny jeans.  God, you guys they feel so good.  And the PERFECT fit.  I mean like they were sewn to fit me.  I love this pair and the best part of it is, that I would never have picked these for myself! 


The next item I liked okay, but it isn't something I'm excited about.  Maybe it it was brighter.  It's a good basic, but not thrilled.  It's also $48 so not exactly cheap, but the fabric is good. Although it's a bit fancy considering I sit around in my house all day and never see anyone... 


Okay, this one is a big fat NO! I hate it.  It's like old lady jewelry. Too bad because it matches two of the shirts they sent me. 


This one is also a miss.  Just all wrong. Not my style, no color, bad fit. All of it. Sending this one back. 


And this one I LOVE!  It's just like one i saw on Pinterest, except this one is in color.  The fit is awesome.  I love it.  Definite keeper and only $48!!   


All in all a good experience.  I liked more than I hated. And I will definitely do Stitch fix again.  Though I think I will ask for more accessories and give them more direction there.  I'll also ask for brighter colors.  Not sure my stylist is paying attention to my skin tone on some of these choices. All in all pretty awesome!