Faking it ‘Til you Make It



Hi, you guys. How’s it going? It’s Thursday. I’m a little late. I know, I know. I know. Don’t be mad. It’s just, you know, with all of this construction it’s just, the routine is hard. I got dreamy. Hello. How are you guys? How’s it going? How’s it going? Yes, you guys. My hair is straight. And looking puffy and the humidity like San Diego with the up.

Hi guys. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Oh my gosh. What’s up you guys up walking back to talk to me.

Hi guys. Hi. Hi. Hi. What’s up.

Can you name a few tips for people. Okay. Okay. My gang’s all here. What’s up? You guys. Okay. So we didn’t do this last week because I was on the road and did not get settled in time to do this. So I’m back. Oh my gosh, guys. Hi. Oh my God. You guys. Everyone’s like brushing Ben. Hi guys. I it just the week.

Okay, so we’re going to deal with our new stuff first, right? Okay. So as you guys know, our brown and blue book of the month is intercepted by Alexa and Martin. If you have not yet read it now is the time to do so. I’m going to get with Alexa probably stay and for your actual time to chat on the first.

Thank you. Yeah, it’s I think I’m different here. Let’s look him. It’s looking a little puffy at the moment. It was straight. I swear. I just, I sat there and I cheat and it, and then I was like, oh, but whatever, it’s Harrison. So Alexa, Martin, we’re going to chat with her on the first. We have to nail down a time.

So I’ll post a graphics. So keep your eyeballs out for that. And then next month, I’m super excited. You guys, because we are not only we’ll be doing a brand new challenge, like a regular brandable challenge. That we always do, but we will also have like our first audio in color and I cannot wait. You have to figure out like exactly when we’re yes.

Audio in color or here. I know the, like it’s a little weird because we’re doing it with find a way, so we need like an exact release date, but we’re going to be doing our first one during the month of July into the month of August. So we’ll do like this inner city. Brown uphill challenge. And so it’ll be exciting.

And we’ll talk to the first author. I’m so stoked. You guys like, you know, ideas. And so I’m not going to announce it until the first, as we do every bountiful challenge. That’s just how we do. You guys are going to be patient I’m so sorry. It’s like a seed of my kid and Caitlin’s like, why do I have to my patients?

Yeah. Yeah. That’s how it works. So super excited about those things. That’s what’s happening. And then got. Be here or be square. We are doing a cover reveal tomorrow and I’m super excited for the assassin and five AF you should be able to see my sign up for if you want to be one of the bloggers that post about it and my link in my bio.