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Write. Everyday. No seriously. I don’t care what it is. Just write. The muse is a myth. BITCHOK. Butt in the chair, hands on keyboard. Some friends of mine like to add, typing away madly. If this is your passion, put in the work. Books don’t get written in front of the Walking Dead, or Heroes, or Lost Girl…Uh…do not follow my example. turn off the TV…write!

No. Legally I can’t read your idea or write your book for you. That is something you must do yourself. Besides, it’s more fun that way. And no two authors would do the book the same way.

Again, no. I’m sorry but I can’t help you get published. With a schedule well into the coming years, I just am not able to.

I’m so sorry, but no. As a general policy, I do not provide quotes for books.

My musical taste is all over the place. Depends on the book really, or sometimes the scene. Right now I have everyone from the Magic Mike soundtrack, to Dianne Reeves to Sam Hunt on my playlist.

Oh my gosh, SO MANY! ALL the authors! ALL the books. I’m a little obsessive. Sierra Simone, Theodora Taylor, Talia Hibbert, are on my faves list at any given time.

Ha! Usually the shower.
I’ll take snippets of personalities or events that really happened and weave them in in a fantastical way. A lot of the funny or embarrassing things have actually happened to me. Lol. But otherwise any resemblance to someone real or fictional is purely coincidental.

Many of my covers come from Najla Qamber, but there are so many talented designers.

Yes to both! Check out my translations tab!

Where all ebooks are found, you will find links to my paperback copies.  ALSO, with my Harlequin book, check your local Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart or Costco

I refuse to choose between children. Though some characters insist on being picked favorite (I’m looking at you Xander from London Calling)