5 Reasons Why All Indie Authors Should Produce Audiobooks

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I’m what you call an early adopter. Way back when in the Stone Age of Romance — you know, before 2000 — I loved audiobooks; you know, those CD versions you could get from the library. There was something about someone reading me a story that really clicked. Maybe because I’m from Ghana and we have a big oral tradition. Or maybe because if you get the right narrator, it’s like a movie in your ears!

When I started writing, I might not have known much. Honestly, I knew next to nothing. But I knew it was probably smart to have my books available in as many formats as possible. Any way a reader could find me, I wanted them to find me.

Fast forward to today, and I have 29 audiobooks with more on the way. I’ve sold some audio rights, tried my hand at going direct with audio on Audible and Kobo, and I’ve even tried cool audio distribution channels like Findaway Voices. And over the years I’ve sold more than 30,000 audiobook copies.

Would I recommend other self-published authors turn their books into audiobooks? Absolutely. Here are my top five reasons why all indie authors should produce audiobooks.

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